In discovering Japanese paper, I am ruined. Ruined! If anyone wants Japanese paper recommendations, reply and I will ruin you also.

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@sarahavenir Memories of making platinum/palladium printing paper...

Japanese papers were one of the options if you wanted an ethereal but sharp result. :)

@sarahavenir I did a quick (hah!) Google of 'what is Japanese paper' and fell down a rabbit hole. 🐇

What are you using it for? 🤩

@blue For writing! I use these beautiful Kanto Noto notebooks for free-writing—the paper is thin and smooth and fits *so many pages* in one small notebook, and no bleed-through even though I use a fountain pen.

@blue Then I use Japanese binders with B5 size paper for my manuscripts. They have 28 holes rather than 2 so it feels really nice flipping through them. I use unlined paper in my printer for finished pieces of the story and then lined paper for additions (because I hand write everything to start).

@sarahavenir They sound wonderful!! (I've fallen down a rabbit hole of Japanese paper notebooks :D)

@blue oh lovely! I really hope you love them as much as I do!

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