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"I have the comfortable feeling of being an inconsequential member of a litter, like a puppy or a kitten. I have a place but am not outstanding in any way. This is a feeling I have always enjoyed enormously. It heals me in some subtle way." —Anne Truitt, Daybook

A guy at a kids' thing gave a little talk and shared this quote:

"No one ever led a cavalry charge who thought they looked funny on a horse."

This quote is a filthy lie. Horses are hilarious.

Make the net weird again. Hand write sites like it’s the 90s. Pick interesting domain names and make fan sites or random knowledge known to everyone. Don’t monetize anything. Spearhead new protocols like Gemini. Make mods for games on your site. Make FAQs for obscure games no one knows about. Make public software services available to anyone. Make a news site about a really random subject. Create music in all kinds of different formats. Most of all, do it because you want to!

You know how the Eiffel Tower won the Grand Prize at the 1889 World Fair? Well, it had to share the glory with a book.

Not any book: A book ENTIRELY WOVEN IN SILK.

You heard right. And nerds, get this: All pages of this book were produced on the Jacquard loom in 1889, using thousands (200k-500k) of punch cards. Only 50-60 copies were made. >

@arcadiapage Yeah, simple = maintainable = I will keep doing it, which is def a priority for me!

@arcadiapage Pretty simply. I number them in order, and if a note relates to another note I've already made, I place it after that note and start sub-numbering.

So, I make notes 1, 2, 3, 4, and then if I later make a new set of notes that relates to 1, then I'll put it behind that note and start 1a, 1b, 1c. If I later make a note that's related to 1c, for example, I'll start with 1c1, 1c2, etc. Otherwise I keep adding to the stack numerically (idea taken from How to Take Smart Notes)

All I need is some Virginia Woolf and a deep exhale and I’m good.

“Hail! natural desire! Hail! happiness! divine happiness! and pleasure of all sorts, flowers and wine, though one fades and the other intoxicates; and half-crown tickets out of London on Sundays, and singing in a dark chapel hymns about death, and anything, anything that interrupts and confounds the tapping of typewriters and filing of letters and forging of links and chains, binding the Empire together.” —V. Woolf, Orlando

Ok, prolific note-takers.

What do you use for your notes (apps, notebooks, index cards)?

And how do you keep it all organized (or not organized)?📑

#notetaking #notebooknerds

@arcadiapage Um! So many things.
- Notebooks for free-writing all day every day
- Readwise for capturing passages from what I’m reading
- Roam for importing Readwise passages, making them searchable and connectable
- Index cards for permanent notes/insights taken from my notebooks and Roam (highly inspired by How to Take Smart Notes)

@blue oh lovely! I really hope you love them as much as I do!

After re-watching The Wizard of Oz last night, I wanted to know more about the writer's use of repetition.

Besides musical refrains, so many lines repeat over and over—Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! There's no place like home. Auntie Em! I'm melting! Oil can! Click your heels 3 times etc

I didn't find out anything more about that, but I *did* find out that someone re-mixed the entire movie alphabetically, which is a glorious exercise in repetition in its own right:

@blue Then I use Japanese binders with B5 size paper for my manuscripts. They have 28 holes rather than 2 so it feels really nice flipping through them. I use unlined paper in my printer for finished pieces of the story and then lined paper for additions (because I hand write everything to start).

@blue For writing! I use these beautiful Kanto Noto notebooks for free-writing—the paper is thin and smooth and fits *so many pages* in one small notebook, and no bleed-through even though I use a fountain pen.

In discovering Japanese paper, I am ruined. Ruined! If anyone wants Japanese paper recommendations, reply and I will ruin you also.

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